Employee Testimonials

Evan Acuna

“Working with RMT has been a great professional experience. The team welcomed me on immediately and helped me to hone my business skills. In addition, they showed me all the sectors of the company to get a holistic view of how the day to day operations function. I got to work on a plethora of projects including business development, key performance indicators and social media. The internship has been invaluable and I am super appreciative of everyone at RMT for making the experience so wonderful.”

– Evan Acuna

Business Intern

Andy Farmer

“RMT has been one of the best places I’ve ever worked. One of the few jobs I’ve had that I enjoy coming to every day. I have been here almost 7 years and I still enjoy my job.”

– Andy Farmer
Commerce City

Chad Huggenberger

“I like working at RMT because every day is different. There are always different things that need to be done, on a daily basis. So, it keeps you on your toes. What makes working at RMT, special, is that they truly value their employees. There is always a concern for everyone’s general well being, and the desire to see all of us succeed. The best thing about my job is working in an industry that is pushing America towards energy independence.”

– Chad Huggenberger

RMT Windsor

Sue Engelstad

“RMT is a dynamic working environment. The company provides employees with the tools to do a very professional job be it in transloading or trucking. The constant flow of new products and clients keeps the job exciting.”

– Sue Engelstad
Commerce City Corp

Melissa Quinn

“I like working at RMT because it is a fun atmosphere, and I enjoy how the company includes events with their employees.“

– Melissa Quinn

Ashley Sayre

“I read a statement once that made me think to myself THAT’S MY COMPANY! – the statement said “treat your employees like they make a difference and they WILL”. This is a great company to work for because of its people. I believe the people make a company great or terrible and this company is great! I also admire and respect the simple fact that the owners Walt and Betty come in to the office and greet everyone on an individual level; that is special. I have personally worked for lots of companies of all kinds and RMT is truly a great company to be a part of and I am proud to be a member of this team.”

– Ashley Sayre
Commerce City Corp

Jake Achenbrenner

“The thing I love most about working for RMT is the people! Working here for almost 3 years I consider most of the staff friends & I enjoy working with all the interesting & genuine people…. and the trains, I like playing with trains :)

– Jake Achenbrenner

Jacob Settergren

“I enjoy how friendly everyone is around me. I also like the knowledge that I have received while working here. Overall RMT is a great place to work!”

– Jacob Settergren

Benji Valdez

“I enjoy working for RMT because of the environment. I’ve never worked for a company where the owners truly care about their employees and are such down to earth people. I am humbled at the opportunity I’ve been given and plan to work hard towards achieving goals for myself as well as being an asset to the growth of this awesome company. For that I am beyond thankful. ”

– Benji Valdez

Jocelyn Gomez

“RMT cares about the safety and training their employees receive. Our management team stands different than most companies because of the dedication they provide. One on one support or team support , whatever is needed. This makes for a great work environment that helps drive me through the day.”

– Jocelyn Gomez
Commerce City Corp