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At RMT Companies, we proudly provide comprehensive trucking services for a wide range of commercial and industrial clients in Denver, CO and beyond. We started as a trucking company in 2002, delivering goods to the Denver International Airport, Xcel power plants, and many other locations in the region. Our timely deliveries, 24/7 service, and state-of-the-art fleet earned us more and more clients over the years — today, we’re one of the premier trucking companies in the Central US. Learn more about our trucking services below, and contact our trucking team at (303) 287-3291 today!

Experienced. Efficient.

In today’s trucking world, experience and efficiency are necessities. At RMT Companies, we have both in excess. With nearly 20 years in business, we provide trucking for numerous large manufacturers and producers handling over a dozen different products and commodities. Today, we operate across six different locations throughout Colorado, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, and Ohio. Our success is due to our strategic partnerships and support with our suppliers, customers, and the continual quality effort from outstanding employees.
Comprehensive Goods Delivery
No matter what type of goods you need transported, our trucking division at RMT Companies is the right choice for the job. We proudly provide a host of diverse goods transportation services, including food-grade deliveries (including malt barley and even deicer) and general supply deliveries (including plastic and other materials). We specialize in dry bulk transportation and arrange deliveries to Denver International Airport, Xcel power plants, oil and gas facilities, as well as many microbreweries in the region. Our extensive background with dealing in the oil patch makes us a specialist in meeting the many requirements that the oil and gas industry needs. To best meet the needs of our diverse clientele, we arrange delivery to any job site 24/7.
National Safety Awards
Great West Safety Award

Our Fleet

Behind every trusted trucking company is a great fleet of trucks driven by dependable employees — and ours is no exception. Our state-of-the-art fleet here at RMT Companies is composed of 20 semis all 2012 or newer, 8 of which are brand-new. Our drivers are all highly-trained and passionate about the work they do. Behind our best-in-class vehicles, they have earned us several industry awards, very limited accidents on the road for the past three years running. 

Our Fleet

20 semis

All model years 2012 or newer

8 brand new trucks

62 trailers: pneumatic, hoppers, low boy, tankers, step deck, flat beds

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